Is it just me, or did everyone get their RWR too freaking late to send in the survey? I PAY for first class postage to Hawaii, mostly because I had to pay for it when I was in Germany and I never stopped paying for it when I moved. Yep, I pay $90 a year to RWA, $15 of which means I am supposed to get my RWR damn quick. Usually, I do. This time I didn't, so now I'm wondering if, a) it's a conspiracy to keep us all from having an opinion, or b) the whole darned mailing got screwed up because of the time it took to print and paste that form in place. (No, I don't really believe it's option a.)

But I'm mailing the survey back anyway, just in case it makes it in time.

Secondly, has anyone bothered to check the by-laws and see if we actually allow genetically enhanced human-alien-whatever combo people to be members of RWA? Because, damn it, Sherrilyn Kenyon has got to be from another planet. 100 pages in a day when pushing it? 100 to 150 pages in a week? 42 days to write and edit a complete book? Someone pass me the smelling salts.

And, finally, never think about your books while on an enforced jog. Hubby took me to the track and made me run a mile and 3/4 tonight. While huffing and puffing and putting one foot in front of the other, I started to plot. And as I plotted the book that I want to write soon, I started thinking about the book that preceded it (it's currently in 2nd draft mode and on hold while I finish the first draft of the Blaze I'm working on). And doggone it, I started imagining a complete career change for the hero that would make the book line up more with the second book in the series (the one that's not written but that will involve a lot more military action than the first). I've got to think more about this, and preferably when I'm not revved up on adrenaline.