I got another toe ring today. Yep, just what I needed. But how can I pass up $5 sterling silver toe rings with Hawaiian designs? I can't, that's what.

You know you've lived in Hawaii for a while when you spend the day at the beach and don't actually get in the water, or even put on your swim suit. Hubby's company picnic was today. I took the swim suit, took beach chairs, took sunscreen, took an umbrella, towels, books, etc. I was prepared. What did I do? Talked on the phone first, then sat under an umbrella with a group of other folks and talked. Oh, and ate a hamburger, various picnic foods, and about 6 mini cream puffs that some lady kept shoving at everyone. Those darn things were good, but holy cow, there went the diet for the day. Just when you thought you were safe, she'd show up with her tongs and cream puffs and there you were with another one. I took the camera, but didn't take pictures. Why not? No idea, except I kept thinking, oh, I've got pictures of water already. *sigh* I love Hawaii.

Wrote several pages yesterday, but cut some too, so not sure how much I wrote since I was in a fog and just editing and writing like crazy. Also figured out where the book is going now, and how to splice what I have now into what I had before. Some of it still has to go, of course, but I think I know what to do. We'll see. Naturally, these ideas come to me right before a busy weekend when I know I'm going to be running a million places. Monday, I'll sit at the computer all quiet and calm and won't have the foggiest clue what to do.

Tomorrow is a critique meeting with my other group. Don't know what to take. I've been taking a different book to them than to the Wednesday group. Better go have a look and see what I need to print.

Aloha, a hui ho!