Maybe it's not freaky, per se, but it's been busy! First, I was disciplined this morning and I'm proud of myself. I got out the kitchen timer and set it for one hour. One hour to read email, respond, read the news, read blogs. And then I had to write. It worked, too. When the timer went off after that first hour, I reset it for an hour, closed the ‘net, and opened Word. I actually wrote new stuff and I'm pleased with it. I reset that timer several times throughout the day, only allowing myself time to stretch and eat and perform necessary functions–ha! And I got work done. I did not waste hours like I can very easily do.

I am a new person. Yeah, right. *snort*

Okay, maybe not a new person but definitely a person trying to introduce some much needed discipline into her writing life. Just tonight, my husband made me feel guilty by telling me how much he admired my commitment to my writing and how he knew I'd get there, even if it took me several more books and years to do it. It was so sweet of him, but I felt guilty because I know I can be a colossal time waster when the book ain't working. So easy to surf a bit (the web, not the ocean–let's not get silly), read blogs and newspapers, etc.

Oh, new memo for self: do not talk to strangers in the bookstore. Nice person, but gracious sakes alive. I didn't start the conversation, but I couldn't end it. Said person is also a writer. Said person writes pretty obscure stuff, believe me. Ancient poetry meant to be performed in public. I was treated to a bit of it, thank you very much. Other people were turning their heads to look at the two weirdos (me and person). I know I'm being vague as hell, but I honestly would never want to take the chance that this person could recognize a hint of self in my blog, especially when we might bump into each other again. I did not get the impression I was dealing with a web savvy writer though…..

Nope, paranoia won't allow me to do it. Hubby calls me the female Woody Allen. If it can be worried about, obsessed over and analyzed a billion ways, I'll be first in line. 🙂

Speaking of people reading one's blog, the pressure is now on. One of my best and most brilliant friends has said she's been reading it. Now she will know I am not the cool, witty, elegant person I wish and pretend to be (though maybe she knew it anyway, ha).

Books currently reading:

The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir. Thesis stuff, what can I say?
Certified Male by Kristin Hardy
Everyday Average Jones by Suz Brockmann
Paradise Lost by John Milton
The Bible, Book of Judges – I am on a quest to read the whole thing. I've studied it in Lit classes, and read quite a bit, but never the whole thing linearly. This will take a while. 🙂


Alice Cooper's nightly radio program. I never knew Alice was a hoot. The joke about Steven Segal's ego was pretty cool.

Tomorrow is Aloha Chapter meeting! Wally Amos is the guest. Should be fun. I hope he brings cookies.