This is my first official Fourth of July as a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution! And I have nothing exciting planned, in spite of the fact one of my ancestors is a Patriot. Mostly, it's because my hubby has a medical appointment tomorrow morning that requires he avoid certain kinds of foods, beverages, etc, until after the appointment. So, rather than eat hamburgers and drink beer, we're just kind of hanging out, me on one computer, him on another. Maybe we'll go to the beach. Last night, there were fireworks close by and we could see them from our lanai. That was great.

Fireworks aren't illegal in Hawaii (though the display last night was professional), even though every summer they have fires because the ground gets too dry. Makes no sense to me, but then Hawaii has other things that make no sense to me. For instance, they just enacted a law where you get fined if you aren't wearing a seatbelt (I believe in seatbelts, btw, and think everyone should wear one–mine saved my life last year when someone plowed into me) but yet you can ride in the back of a pick-up truck on the highway and that doesn't count. If you're in the car but without a seatbelt, you can be fined. If you're in the bed, even if you're perched on something sitting in the bed, you're a-okay. Makes no sense to me.

I'm supposed to finish an article for the Words of Paradise newsletter today. I haven't even started it. 🙁 Not sure what I'm going to write about. I forgot that next week was the meeting, even though I've been coordinating the speaker. I didn't mess that up, thank goodness. Wally Amos of Famous Amos cookie fame is coming to speak to us. He is supposed to be very inspiring. So far, according to his assistant, he's still planning to come. What worries me is turnout. We don't have a big group anyway, but lately it seems as if we're lucky to get 10 people to show up. Our best meeting was last year when we had Jill Marie Landis and Kristin Hannah. We probably had about 30 people that day. The following month, we had Margaret South and she drew a crowd too. Margaret formed All Girl Productions with Bette Midler and Bonnie Bruckheimer. She currently lives in Hawaii full time. She was completely fascinating, so nice and not the sort of person you'd think could just pick up the phone and call any number of Hollywood heavyweights. She was real. If you're writing screenplays, surf on over to and read about Margaret. She does consultations, I believe. I've never consulted with her or know anyone who has, but I liked her as a person.

I suppose if I plan to finish that article, I better get busy figuring out what to write about. Maybe I'll pop back in later.