I got my AlphaSmart Neo. It's so cool! It's tiny, slimmer than the AS 3000 I borrowed from a friend. I'm happy. Natually, it arrived while I wasn't home. My husband called me to tell me it was here. I used it a little lastnight, playing around, and I can see where I'll get some good use out of it, especially when I can't surf the web on it. Why do I click that IE button so easily? I don't know, but I can't seem to stop myself. I'm working on the WIP, things are difficult, and I suddenly need to know if I've gotten any email in the past 5 minutes.

Had lunch with Ann Peach, her husband Ralph, and Aloha Chapter President Leslee Ellenson yesterday. We went to Mariposa, a restaurant in Neiman Marcus that has a gorgeous view of Ala Moana beach park and the ocean. I was 15 minutes late, thanks to traffic (1 hour to go 5 miles–that sucks). They were kind enough to wait to order, though I felt bad that they did. But, I was there at 1:00, we ordered, and stayed there until about 4:30. Amazing how much talking you can do when you get writers together! Poor Ralph, he is a very patient man. He and Ann are adorable together, still very much in love after 38 years of marriage.

We talked about many things. Ann says that paranormal is hot in New York, no surprise, and that erotica is in demand. Ann said that everyone she knows is looking for books. That is encouraging. We also agreed that you shouldn't try to write the latest thing if you weren't interested in it simply to try and get sold. Your lack of interest will show in the writing; besides, the market may change before you finish that vampire erotic time-travel ghost story anyway.

I can't even remember all we talked about. I just know we had fun, laughed a lot, and talked writing quite a bit. We also talked restaurants and travel, and good cheap places to eat on Oahu. They are here, of course, but not in Waikiki where all the tourists go. Chinatown is excellent for inexpensive food (hubby and I ate dinner for $18; that's two giant entrees, spring rolls, and drinks). There are also some great places on the North Shore ($12 for two entrees, chips and salsa, and drinks at Killer Taco in Haleiwa). So you just have to look and be willing to explore. If you want to sit beside the ocean and sip Mai Tai's while a band plays Hawaiian music, be prepared to pay. But, you can always eat cheap elsewhere and join the crowd for Hawaiian music on the patio of the big hotels in Waikiki. Then all you need to do is order a drink. 🙂 Lots cheaper that way.

Today's plan is to write at least a scene. Hubby is home, however, so who knows what will ultimately happen. He does have a paper to finish, so perhaps he will be busy. He mentioned the beach earlier. I can do that, and take my Neo. Not against an afternoon in the sun (slathered in sunblock, of course).