Sunset Beach, Oahu's North Shore. See, there are too uncrowded beaches on this island. Just not in Waikiki.

Hubby took a week off of work, starting today, so my routine is seriously compromised. He has class work to do, so he will be off doing that on the other computer. Maybe I will get something done after all. It's not the same as when I'm alone in the house, though. He's already announced plans to wash his Jeep, clean the yard, and go grocery shopping (me in attendance for this part) because he plans to smoke ribs and brats tomorrow morning. The man takes a week off work, but then decides to spend a morning smoking food and taking it up to his office for lunch. Sweet, but crazy. And I am invited. Read that as I am required to help. 🙂

Yesterday's writing: not stellar, but not bad either. I didn't write those 5 new pages, but I did finish a scene, and figured out what needs to happen next. Unfortunately, the next scene was written in the hero's POV when it needs to be in the heroine's. She's the one with a goal in the next scene, an important one that doesn't actually involve the hero (though he is there), and she doesn't get her goal. Further complications ensue, and her goal is pushed back a bit. Since the hero doesn't actually know what her true goal is at the moment, being in his POV is sort of pointless. He could watch her crash and burn, see she's upset, but he wouldn't know the import of the situation to her. So, it's her POV and I had to cut the entire scene to make way for writing the new one. At least I know what I'll be doing today! Oh yeah, provided I don't get dragged Jeep washing, yard cleaning, and grocery shopping in succession. I am only supposed to go along for the grocery bit, so we'll see. Since I need to go to the PO, and it's next door to the store, I don't mind this part.

And tonight is critique group at Borders. Ann Peach is joining us. She's a lovely lady who is so encouraging to writers. She writes a column in Romantic Times magazine about the craft of writing, though I don't think she's done one lately because she'd been sick. She's recovering now and hopefully will be back to it soon. I believe she moderated a panel on writing at the last RT convention. Or she was slated to anyway, not sure if she made it or not. I've never been to an RT convention, but there's a good chance the 2007 one will take place in Honolulu, so I guess I'll have to pop in.

Oh, got a fun email from American Express. I totally giggled. Here's the sentence: You can earn 5% cash back on each eligible dollar you spend on everyday purchases such as gas stations, supermarkets and drugstores when you spend over $6500 annually. I don't know about you, but I don't think my credit limit is high enough to buy a gas station! And I'm sure it'll cost more than $6500 to do so. Now, to be fair, I know I've written some clunky sentences in this blog (one really good misplaced modifier for sure, which I refuse to point out and which I decided to leave intact just because I don't want to be anal about the blog; a story is different, of course), but good grief, this is a business letter designed to make me spend more on my AE card! Where is the copy editor?! I'm not complaining really. It gave me a giggle, and that's always a good thing. 🙂

I hope I get my new AlphaSmart today. Naturally, since they said 3-5 days and this is only day 3, I'll get it Friday. Nothing ever arrives when you want it to. I could go to Borders early and work while I wait for everyone to show up. Well, I could do that anyway with the borrowed Alphie. My only problem with the borrowed one is I can't connect it to my laptop. It has that old keyboard port, and my laptop is brand new and fussy, so I have to connect to the desktop, download, share the file, and then access it from the laptop and cut and paste. Too much work. I want my spiffy USB connection!

Okay, today's goal. Uh, not too sure there, because of temporal disturbances in the Force (i.e. hubby is home and has personal agenda) so maybe I'll just say I'm going to write the new scene and hope I manage to do something more than that.

I guess I am pau (finished) for now. Aloha. 🙂