I have a treat for you, dear readers! If you're a new reader to the Hostile Operations Team, or you're a big fan and just haven't caught up with all the books yet (or you just want what I'm about to tell you anyway), I've created a HOT Sampler for you. This book features almost 300 pages of HOT goodness! Basically, this is the first THREE chapters of every HOT book so you can decide if you want to read a particular book. And yes, HOT ICE is in there, which means if you download it, you'll get a 3-chapter preview of the book almost two weeks before it comes out!

Get your own copy now. Tell your friends. This book is FREE everywhere! (It takes a while to filter out to Amazon's other country sites, so if you're clicking from somewhere other than the US, be patient and keep checking back.)

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This military romance sampler contains the first three chapters of each of seven books in the Hostile Operations Team series. This is a chance for you to try Lynn Raye Harris’s work! This is not a complete book – it’s a SAMPLER of seven books in the HOT series.

“…one of those must read black ops series that is as good as Maya Banks & Cindy Gerard!” — Just Plain Sassy

“Seriously is there a hotter series out there in this genre? Because if there is, I don't know about it. I have loved these books from book 1 and they are only getting better and better not to mention hotter!!!” — Goodreads

When a HOT operative returns home on leave, he doesn’t expect to find himself embroiled in a kidnapping and murder. But if he wants to save the one woman he can’t forget, he’ll do everything he can to catch a killer before he strikes again.

Book 2: HOT MESS
When Georgie Hayes’s student goes missing, she turns to the HOT operative she’s loved since she was a teenager to help her solve the riddle. Sam McKnight will do anything to protect Georgie — but he won’t let himself have her, no matter how much she wants him to take what she’s offering.

When Olivia Reese discovers a conspiracy to sell faulty equipment to the Pentagon, she calls former lover Billy “The Kid” Blake to help her expose the traitors and stop the deal. But Billy’s never forgiven Olivia for leaving — and he’s never stopped wanting her either.

The world’s most wanted terrorist is back from the dead…and only one woman can stop him. Kev “Big Mac” MacDonald can’t forget that Lucky is his best friend’s widow and therefore off limits. But when he has to pretend to be her husband for this mission, his control will be tested to the max.

Book 5: HOT SHOT
HOT sniper Jack “Hawk” Hunter once rescued pop star Gina Domenico from an arms dealer. Four years later, Gina’s son has been kidnapped and she need’s Hawk’s help. When he learns that her son is also his son, he’ll move heaven and earth to get the child back.

When a rogue sniper blows Nick “Brandy” Brandon’s mission all to hell, he doesn’t expect his fate will soon be entwined with hers. He has history with Victoria Royal, but she’s working for the enemy now. Nick needs to be ruthless if he’s going to stop her. Much easier said than done when faced with her sweet curves and even sweeter lips…

Book 7: HOT ICE
When Garrett “Iceman” Spencer is sent to guard a senator’s daughter from terrorists, he doesn’t expect the pampered princess to get under his skin. But Grace Campbell is far more than she seems…and Ice’s cold heart is melting all too fast for his liking.