Well, today is the Mayan Apocalypse. I haven't put a lot of stock in that idea, ever, but I know some people have. I'm encouraged by the fact that Australia is still there and it's tomorrow already. Surely that counts for something, right? 😉

But if today is not the last day, and you still need to buy Christmas presents, I have a website specifically for the billionaire in your life. At The Billionaire Shop, you can buy such things as a private island, a yacht, a million dollar watch, jets, and pricey New York views.

I have quite a few billionaires in my life, but fortunately they are all my creations. They should be giving me gifts, right? 😉 My latest billionaire will be hitting store shelves in a little over a week. Sheikh Malik Al Dhakir is sexy as hell–and a bit uncertain when it comes to expressing his feelings. In fact, he's downright tongue-tied. You can read more about Sheikh Malik here.

I hope your weekend is lovely, and your Christmas preparations are going smoothly! Happy Holidays!