It's been a heckuva week over here at Chez Harris! I've been trying to get ready for my trip to LA for the RT Booklovers Convention next week, and I had to go see the accountant about my taxes. I *still* don't know what the damage will be, but I'm quite positive I owe money this year. Not a problem since I was smart and followed good advice from Linda Howard: always put a third of your earnings away for taxes. I did that. Now it's just the size of the check I'll have to write that worries me.

I haven't been completely absent on the blogosphere — I've been guest blogging in a few places!

I was at I Heart Presents, talking about amazing jewelry and passionate love affairs.

I was at the Pink Heart Society, where I gave an easy recipe for jambalaya.

And today I'm at the Writing Playground, talking about writing and books and giving away a book.

Hop over and join us!

Oh, and The Devil's Heart is in stores now!