Imagine my surprise to realize, just yesterday, that National is July 11-14 and not at the end of the month like I originally thought. Never mind that I've been registered for months, or that I bought my plane ticket months ago. I've been telling my family that it's the last week in July.


So I realized that I have 6 weeks to get back into one of my evening gowns. I am NOT buying a new one. Six weeks is usually enough time, so we'll see what happens. Ten pounds ought to do it, though twenty would really make me happy. I don't really know numbers though because I haven't been on a scale in a long time. Not because it upsets me, but because I use the scale at the gym and I haven't been to a gym around here yet.

The diet has officially begun. So has the exercise, and today my chest hurts from the 45 push-ups I did yesterday. My abs hurt too. Ah yes, the price of too much good Southern cooking must now be paid.

My house is not quite a disaster area, but it's not completely done yet either. I still have boxes to unpack (not many). I still have decorating to do. And I have six weeks to finish this book, write another proposal, and get yet another idea in the formation stage. Can't go to National with nothing to talk about.

*sigh* Better get busy. Aloha.