A tiny bit. Went to Haleiwa on the North Shore and took the AlphaSmart. I wrote a few paragraphs while sitting at the beach. Mostly, I didn't get much done because I'm at the point where I need the manuscript on the screen in front of me because I have a lot of revising to do on upcoming scenes. This is what happens when you write the first half in a white heat, and then realize maybe your characters' goals aren't strong enough. Darn Debra Dixon. (grin)

I love Goal, Motivation, and Conflict, DD's book. Wow, if I can't figure out how to write a cranking plot now, I need to find something else to do. Everything is explained so well, and when I charted out the characters' GMCs, I learned that the heroine's goal wasn't strong enough. She needed the possibility of a dream come true and a limited timetable to do it in. So, hence the rewrite. It was just some weaving in the beginning, but now I've had to cut a couple of scenes. Some scenes need extensive rewriting. I love being a writer, though I sometimes hate the pressure of staring at the screen and having NO idea what comes next or if I can even pull off the idea I began with. I've written four complete novels and I'm working on a fifth. I don't think it gets easier, though you do have a better idea with each successive book on how to go about telling the story.

First novels are almost uniformly bad, though there are exceptions. And I mean first novels one writes, not first novels one publishes. Those usually aren't the same, though in rare cases it happens. Not to me, thank heavens, because I would be embarassed to know that clunker was out there.

Hubby is working on a paper for his law class, so I hope to get a little bit of writing done tonight. We'll see. I tinkered with the website this morning, then we went down to Honolulu's Chinatown for lunch, then back to the store for cat food. I have no excuse not to work on the book tonight……..