Not nearly enough. I have been too fascinated with this whole website/blog thing. I've changed my webpage a zillion times today, moving things around, adding things, etc. It's an addiction! And then I sent the address to a few select friends, which increased the pressure to have the site look good. I can see them now: “Where on earth did she get this crap? I hope she didn't pay anyone!” No, I did not pay anyone, and I got that crap from Yahoo Sitebuilder (I don't happen to think it's crap, btw). I have Frontpage and Publisher, and yeah, I prefer Yahoo's freebie program. So I'm not a techno dweeb, sue me. Though, proud moment, I did not use a template. I designed it myself.

Okay, so what did I accomplish on the writing front? I edited my webpage. Uh, that's not what we mean, is it? All right, I did work on the WIP just a tad. I probably cut 50 words and typed 10 new ones. It wasn't much.

This week has been a wasted writing week! Monday, I rock and rolled. I wrote pages of the WIP, got an idea for two more books, wrote 7 pages of a new book, and basically had trouble shutting my brain off to go to bed. Tuesday, I had to take a Hawaii newcomer shopping. Stopped my flow dead. I had a blast with this lady, though, and I wasn't sure I would. We giggled like schoolgirls and we're definitely going shopping together again. Wednesday, I think I was recovering from the shopping. Wednesday night was critique. Thursday, I got this bright idea to finally complete and publish that webpage–cuz God only knows when I might need it–and then today I couldn't stop tinkering, even when I tried so hard to work on the WIP (okay, probably not hard enough).

I borrowed an Alphasmart from someone so I could see if I liked it. Oh yeah, baby. I definitely plan to buy one. If I'd gotten off my butt and taken that thing somewhere, the temptation to toy with the Internet would have been gone. *sigh* I should have gone to the beach with the darned thing (the clouds did clear up, just like I said). I'd have gotten more done by sitting in a chair on the sand than I did in a whole day with two computers.

My God, we are so spoiled as a nation. Watched a Tsunami program tonight, and then a program about teenagers whose parents paid for them to get boob jobs. Where are our priorities? People lost entire families, their homes, and we have a tiny boob epidemic. Oh the humanity! And here I'm whining about writing and going to the beach to accomplish something and ohmigosh, am I an ungrateful idiot or what?

Tomorrow, I don't know if I'll get anything done. Husband is home, and though he has school work for his MBA classes, he's sure to interrupt my flow at some point. I never get much done when he's home, even when he leaves me completely alone. If I've got to be bothered, I'd rather go to the beach. At least the scenery is gorgeous.

All right, I've wasted another day goofing when I could have (should have) been writing. I won't make promises for the weekend, but Monday is a new day dawning. If I get something done over the weekend, even better.