When the heiress meets her match!

As the eldest Chatsfield, Lucilla knows she’s the only one who can bring the Chatsfield empire back to its glory days. Until her position is usurped by the intensely arrogant and breathtakingly gorgeous Christos Giatrakos. But Lucilla refuses to be beaten by Christos and she is playing for keeps! Christos finds Lucilla and her heiress ways highly amusing. But when she raises the stakes, putting his career in jeopardy, Christos has to act! Lucilla must be taught a lesson, but to do that Christos must return to the land which almost destroyed him, and facing his past will test Christos almost as much as the beautiful Lucilla…

Welcome to The Chatsfield
London’s most stylish — and scandalous — hotel!

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He stood then and looked down at her from a great height. Because she didn’t like him towering over her, she stood too. They faced each other across her desk. Her body felt rubbery, liquid, as their gazes held. There was no denying that Christos Giatrakos was powerfully, sinfully attractive.

If only he wasn’t such an arrogant jerk.

“I feel as if we must seal this deal somehow,” he murmured, and her stomach fluttered.

She came around her desk and thrust her hand out. She would not cower from him like a mouse. “I believe a handshake is how it’s usually done.”

His gaze dropped to her outstretched hand. “Indeed.” His hand slipped into hers, engulfing it. They were palm to palm and it somehow felt like the most intimate touch imaginable. She tried not to gasp, tried not to shiver or make any response that let him know how intense this feeling was.

But she didn’t need to. He tugged her hand softly and she moved forward until their bodies pressed together. His arm slipped behind her, his fingers spreading over the small of her back, burning her through the fabric of her dress.

His other hand tilted her chin up. His eyes, those beautiful icy eyes, searched hers. She could not, for the life of her, imagine what she was supposed to say.

“I think this requires something a bit more personal,” he murmured. And then his mouth came down on hers—softly, sweetly, his lips gliding over hers, teasing and tantalizing. Her heart was a reckless runaway in her chest, and her body had lost the ability to hold itself upright moments ago.

She clutched his lapels, her eyes fluttering closed as he tormented her with that glorious mouth. His tongue slipped over her lips, and she gasped. Then he was inside and she was there to meet him. Their tongues tangled, and Lucilla made a noise in her throat as her body simply melted…