HOT Valor


Series: HOT Series #11
ISBN-13: 9781941002285
Publication Date: 07/15/2017
Pages: 316

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Disgraced. Hunted. On the run.

Colonel John “Viper” Mendez is having a bad day. Accused of using HOT to assassinate a foreign official, he’s gone from respected military commander to fugitive in the space of an hour. On the run, hunted, and stripped of his honor, Mendez vows to uncover the truth.

Russian spy Ekaterina “Kat” Kasharin is a carbon copy of the woman Mendez loved and lost twenty years ago. Kat claims to be her twin - but Valentina never mentioned a twin. Though Mendez doesn’t trust the deadly beauty, she’s the only one willing to help clear his name.

Working together is strictly business - until the attraction between them reaches the boiling point. When long-buried secrets finally emerge, the fallout will shatter everything Mendez believes in.

But when danger stalks closer than ever, he’ll have to make a choice.

Forgive the mistakes of the past.

Or watch history repeat itself…

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