HOT and Bothered


Series: HOT Series #8
ISBN-13: 9781941002070
Publication Date: 08/17/2015
Pages: 270

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Ryan “Flash” Gordon is the joker of the Hostile Operations Team. But his easygoing nature hides a deep darkness he can never forget. A darkness that drives him to try and save people who sometimes can’t be saved.

Like Emily Royal.

He’s been texting with the delicate beauty for months after rescuing her. They’re friends. But when she begs him for a single night together, he relents. In the morning, she’s gone. Not just from his bed, but from his life.

Emily can never clear her name. When she’s offered a chance to put the past behind her and do something for her country, she takes the leap. Even if it means leaving behind the man she loves.

When Ryan finds her again, she’s caught in a perilous game, risking her life for information. And she’s pregnant with his child.

With danger closing in, he’ll have to face his demons and fight harder than ever to save her. Or risk losing his growing family for good…

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