Black Knight


Series: Black’s Bandits #4
ISBN-13: 9781941002636
Publication Date: 05/11/2021
Pages: 344

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She doesn’t know who she is… or why someone’s trying to kill her.

When hardened mercenary Jared Fraser finds a woman bleeding in the snow outside his remote cabin, he takes her in and patches her up, intending to get her back to her life and out of his as quickly as possible.

But Liberty King is a special case. She shows signs of recent abuse, and she can’t remember who she is – the only hint is a necklace with a name engraved on it.

When three men track her down with hunting dogs, Jared will do whatever it takes to protect her. Then he’ll move mountains to find out what’s locked away inside her head. What he won’t do is fall for her, no matter how much her innocent eyes and sweet smile make him want more.

But when a new danger strikes, Jared realizes that some choices were never his to make…

She needs a knight in shining armor. He is one.

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