Christmas Ornament 2020

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Christmas Ornament 2020
Christmas Ornament 2020
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A HOT Christmas Miracle

Mendez & Kat

H.O.T. Strike Team 1, Book 12

A Hostile Operations Team Holiday Story

Twenty years ago, badass military commander John “Viper” Mendez lost the love of his life. But fate brought them back together when he discovered she was still alive. Now they live a happily married life – and Kat’s pregnant. As Christmas approaches, they’re more in love than ever and looking forward to welcoming their new baby.

But old secrets begin to resurface and old enemies might be coming back to haunt them. The only way to know is to hire rogue mercenary Ian Black to do some dirty work while Mendez stays close to his wife and keeps her safe – and keeps the investigation a secret from her.

Christmas is a time of miracles. A season of snowy promises and gifts from the heart. When the holiday lights twinkle brightest, Mendez will either go on the offensive to save his family – or discover a truth that’ll change their lives forever.

**This story is a sequel to the events of HOT VALOR, Book 11 in the Hostile Operations Team Series. If you haven’t read that book, you’ll probably be lost. I highly recommend you read it before this Christmas story!