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Coming April 11, 2017! The explosive NEW story in the Hostile Operations Team series! Dex "Double Dee" Davidson first made his appearance in HOT REBEL, Book 6 of the series. Now he gets his own story! Pre-order your copy or sign up to be notified when the book is available on Amazon. And stay tuned for lots of release goodies and a contest or two!

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It's release day for MAX! If you've been waiting to get your hot little hands on this sexy Navy SEAL, now's your chance! Read the story that reviewers are loving!

"This is one of the best books I've read by Lynn Raye Harrris, and I loved everything about her contribution to this ground breaking series." ~ Diane B.

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Max: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Book 5

Meet the Brannigan brothers—seven sexy brothers who bring the heart and the heat! From bestselling authors Barbara Freethy, Ruth Cardello, Melody Anne, Christie Ridgway, Lynn Raye Harris, Roxanne St. Claire and JoAnn Ross comes a brand new contemporary romance family series: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. You won’t want to miss a single one!

Former Navy SEAL Max Brannigan is a loner with a strong protective streak and an ocean of survivor’s guilt that drives him to take risks no sane man would take. When he gets the news his billionaire father died and left him a horse farm in Kentucky, he’s busy protecting American military contractors in a war zone. The first moment he’s able, he’ll fly back to the US and dispose of the farm. What does a man like him need horses for anyway? Of all the things his father could have left him, this certainly ranks up there as the most bizarre.

Elinor Applegate lives for her horses, but life on the farm isn’t easy. Once-thriving Applegate Farm has fallen on hard times in the past few years. Only an influx of cash from her mother’s old friend enabled Ellie to keep the family operation going. All her hopes to turn around the business and buy back the land lie on the hooves of a colt destined to greatness. She’s just got to get him there first.

But when sexy, ruthless, infuriating Max Brannigan shows up, Ellie realizes her troubles are far worse than she thought. He knows nothing about horses—and he cares less than nothing about her dreams. To Max, the horses are useless and have to go—in spite of the fact that every encounter with Ellie only makes him want to drag her into his arms and kiss the fire right out of her. But Ellie will fight hard to keep her dreams alive, even if she has to fight dirty. Max has spent most of his life protecting people from danger—but can he protect himself when Ellie launches a full-scale assault against the walls surrounding his heart?

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  1. LUKE by Barbara Freethy
  2. GABE by Ruth Cardello
  3. HUNTER by Melody Anne
  4. KNOX by Christie Ridgway
  5. MAX by Lynn Raye Harris
  6. JAMES by Roxanne St. Claire
  7. FINN by JoAnn Ross

Do you like your men dangerous? Thrilling? HOT?
Then get ready for the Hostile Operations Team!

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Get started today with HOT PURSUIT. It’s available for free!

HOT is an elite military Black Ops unit, comprised of men who have undergone the most rigorous and grueling training in existence in order to become the best of the best. Their missions are secret, dangerous, and potentially politically explosive.

When called upon to risk their lives in order to rescue hostages, or to extract valuable information from deep behind enemy lines, they do it without question or hesitation. Their lives are on the line every moment of every mission—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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