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Hot & Bothered is finally here! »

Today’s the day that Book 8 in the Hostile Operations Team Series is finally here! If you’ve been waiting for Ryan “Flash” Gordon and Emily Royal to get their book, you don’t have to wait anymore!

He can never have her. Having her means the end of his career in the Hostile Operations Team. But when he learns she’s carrying his child, he’ll have to make a choice…

Ryan “Flash” Gordon has been drawn to Emily Royal bin Yusuf since the first moment he met her. But she’s a terrorist’s widow, which means she’s completely off-limits. A HOT special operator can never be with a woman whose name is on government watch lists the world over.

But when Emily begs him for just one night, he can’t refuse. The next morning, she’s gone. Not just from his bed, but from his life.

Emily can never clear her name–or can she? When a rogue CIA operative offers her a chance to put her past behind her and do something for her country, she leaps at the opportunity–even though it means leaving behind the man she’s fallen in love with. But not before she lets herself have one night with him.
One night with stunning consequences…

Take me to…

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Hot SEAL is Available Now! »

If you’ve been waiting for a new book in the Hostile Operations Team series, you’ll be excited to know that HOT SEAL is out now in the SEALs of Summer anthology!

Sex with the ex… It shouldn’t be this good the second time around.

Navy SEAL Dane “Viking” Erikson has sworn off women—or at least he’s sworn off one woman: DEA Agent Ivy McGill. His ex-wife.

But when they’re forced to work together on a critical military mission, Dane can’t help but notice how the one woman he shouldn’t want is the only one he can’t stop thinking about.

Ivy knows what it’s like to fall for a SEAL’s hard muscles and killer smile—and she knows what it’s like when everything falls apart. So why is she naked against a wall and begging Dane for more?

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Only 99 cents for a limited time!


A New Story! »

Lynn has a new story out in Bella Andre’s Game For Love series! This book is called OUT OF BOUNDS and it’s about a hot professional football player and a runaway bride.

When the stakes are this high, sometimes you have to throw out the rulebook…

When San Francisco Outlaws tight end Malcolm Hughes comes home for his twin brother’s funeral, he doesn’t expect to pick up a runaway bride on the side of the road.

Sabrina Miller thought she was gaining a husband, but the ceremony went south when she discovered her fiancé was already married. Now, with a storm bearing down and nowhere to go, she reluctantly accepts a ride from a brooding stranger.

Forced to wait out the storm, Mal and Sabrina are drawn together by forces neither of them can explain. When Mal offers to let Sabrina spend what would have been her honeymoon in his beach house, he isn’t thinking of seduction.

But the chemistry between them is combustible—and impossible to deny. It’s only for a few days and they’re positive they can handle it. So when reality returns and they have to walk away, why does it feel wrong to let each other go?

In the game of love, some of the best plays are out of bounds…

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NOTE: This story is part of Bella Andre’s Game For Love series, but it can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone story. The book is only available for Kindle as part of the Amazon Kindle Worlds program. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for your computer or phone here

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