Black Out


Series: Black’s Bandits #3
ISBN-13: 9781941002520
Publication Date: 02/28/2020
Pages: 336

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Angelica Turner’s life is in danger. If she wants to survive, she’ll have to turn to a man with violence in his eyes and death in his soul. A man she desires, yet desperately needs to resist if she doesn’t want her shattered heart again.

Hardened mercenary Colton Duchaine has wanted Angie since he first laid eyes on her, but he knows he’s the wrong kind of man for an innocent woman like her. His life is too dangerous, too unpredictable. He can never settle down.

But when someone wants Angie silenced, Colt will do whatever it takes to keep her alive. And when she’s safe, he’ll get out of her life for good.

Turns out that walking away is easier said than done. Angie is his–and Colt will stop at nothing to claim her for his own…

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