Hot Mess Pre-Order!

Hot Mess releases on September 30th for the amazing price of .99 cents! You can pre-order your copy today on iTunes and Kobo. It will also be available on Kindle and Nook, so keep an eye out there as well!


Also, my latest Harlequin, A FACADE TO SHATTER, is out right now in paperback — and will be available on ebook on October 1st!

Also available at your local Target, Wal-Mart, B&N, BAM, grocery store, etc!


Two new stories from me! In November, you can expect a HOT Christmas novella and then in December, another Harlequin Presents!

Author copies

Sorry to have been absent all last week, but the book must be written! I'm still working and will likely be scarce this week too, but I have exciting news to share: I got my author copies for Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge! Yay!

Even more interestingly, at least to the hubby, is the fact these copies come from his hometown. Yes, Harlequin has a distribution center in Depew, NY. Hubby is still steeped in the irony of it all.

I hope to ship out copies to my winners from previous blogs (Rachel and Patricia) this week. And now we have a new winner from last week! (Scientifically determined, aka randomly drawn from all comments excluding mine.)

EllenToo, please send me your contact details and I'll get you a copy as well!

Who else wants a copy? Leave me a comment telling me why you love Spanish heroes (or Presents novels) and I'll draw a winner in the next few days!

My first author copies

My first author copies


I'm afraid the posts might get sporadic now. My deadline is fast approaching, and I have much work to do. Spent the morning battling tornadoes. Hope we're all done with those for a while. Pretty please?

What's your natural disaster where you live? Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Earthquakes? None of the above?

Weekend fun

This past weekend was the 12th Annual Heart of Dixie Readers' Luncheon. It was my first time participating as an author, and what a fun time it was! Disappointingly, I wasn't able to sign books with the other authors since my first isn't out until August, but I still had a blast. To be included with the likes of Vicki Lewis Thompson, Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones, Beverly Barton, Debra Webb, and Rhonda Nelson? It's one of those dream come true moments, I assure you.

There were so many talented authors there, in fact, that I was torn between being a fangirl and being a dignified author. 🙂 I think I managed dignified fairly well, however….

Vicki was our guest speaker, and she is absolutely as hilarious in person as she is in her books. The visuals she created for the audience were laugh out loud funny, of course. I simply can't imagine getting up on that stage and speaking to an audience of nearly 200 the way she did, but I hope I'll be in that position one day. Not that I want to speak to a large audience, but I want someone to think I'm a big enough draw to justify asking me. Definitely a dream at this point, so I won't panic over the idea of preparing a speech anytime soon. 🙂

Lunch was fabulous, the prizes were amazing as always, and my very own mother won not only a door prize, but also a raffle basket. She told me the next day that she counted 14 books in her haul — and that didn't include the petit fours, scone mix, tea, and other assorted goodies she also got.

Here I am at my table (I'm in the middle). You can also see this picture on my Meet Lynn page, as well as a photo of all the attending authors. (Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly featured the photo of the authors on her blog yesterday, too.)

Lynn's table at the Heart of Dixie Luncheon

How did your weekend go? Read any great books? I definitely got a haul of books, including the debut romantic suspense by chaptermate Christy Reece that I'm dying to dig into.


So my mother calls yesterday. The woman is not known for spontaneity in large measures — though she will spontaneously hop in the car and drive a hundred miles to see a potential rare antique, for example; or will take an eighty mile side trip just to see the spot where some interesting historical person once laid his weary head. She's very good at that kind of spontaneity. But large, spontaneous gestures like hopping on a plane to Europe in less than a week?

Color me gobsmacked. And envious. See, Mom read yesterday's blog post about my crazy week, and my upcoming crazy weeks, and then picked up the phone and said, “Well, I guess you can't go, but I thought I'd ask anyway. M (her friend) and I are thinking of going to Paris next week.”

What?! Paris? Next week? Seriously?

Yeah, seriously. They found cheap flights, they found an inexpensive hotel, they think they'll rent a car for some day tripping, and they've plotted out a week. I'm still in shock. My mother, adventurous though she is, does not drop everything and go to Paris in a week. But am I happy about it? Oh yeah. A little over a year ago, this was the woman who worked at a job that was strangling the life and health from her. When she decided to retire (another spontaneous event, actually), it was the best thing she ever did for herself.

And now she's planning short-notice trips to Paris. I like it. I'm shocked, but I like it. Wish I could go, but I have two problems. One, deadline. Two, I've had “Renew Passport” on my To Do list for months. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I went to the State Dept website and filled out the form. Now it's printed, my old passport is sitting here with it, and all I need are two photos and a check for $75. I'm not getting left out of spontaneous trips to Paris ever again.

Have you ever done a spontaneous trip like this? Just dropped everything and jetted away to somewhere you wanted to go? Or are you a planner, someone who has to book and pay for a trip months (or years) in advance? I admit, when I lived in Europe, it was no big deal to hop in a car and go. I did it quite a lot. But I've never bought a plane ticket at the last minute for a big trip off the cuff.